Negative Secrets Revealed About Your Internet Marketing Business And How They Will Help You

One Magical Site…one quick visit… one instant download…and PRESTO…in just one step, your Internet Marketing Business finds overnight Internet riches?

Now revealed: negative secrets about your Internet Marketing Business!


If you have, or are about to start an Internet Marketing Business…please read on…you will be glad you did.

Can an Internet Marketing Business really turn you into an instant MILLIONAIRE? Yes…but it is something like drilling for oil. Drilling for oil? If you are like Jed Clampett, your chances of striking oil are slim to none. If you are a large, rich, oil company with vast resources, cutting edge technology, the latest and greatest equipment and a little luck…your chances are much improved.

If you are an aspiring Internet marketer, there is not likely going to be one book or one report or one tool or one piece of software or one membership site or one download that will make you rich. Can you get rich off the net…again, yes…but your chances are about the same as in any other business… about 3 to 5 % and latest figures lean more toward 3%.

Can you make a living off the net? Yes, but still only a small percent do so. Here are some of the secrets that you need to be aware of….THE NEGATIVE SECRETS!

The negative secrets?

  • You are usually working alone, instead of with others. Two or more heads are better than one. If you have a question, problem, or need advice, you have only yourself (find a reliable source of help…see author’s bio).
  • You have no boss. Bosses can be of help, bosses can train, bosses can answer questions, can correct mistakes, etc.
  • You have no plan. You will need a plan, a process, an outline, a track to run on.
  • You do not treat your Internet Marketing Business like a business. Most Internet marketers treat their Internet Marketing Business as a hobby or a sideline. If it is just a hobby, OK. If you want to realize growth and profit and more, you will need to run your business like a business.
  • You are led to believe that there is a magical, mystical process (ebook, download etc. that contains all the answers). You will find that your Internet marketing business will take time…uh oh…time…NOT instant…NOT overnight. “The Process” is a learning process …a continuous learning process which takes TIME.
  • You spend unnecessary money on these magical processes. Most aspiring Internet marketers are guilty of purchasing these magical processes, only to find that they were USELESS (experienced marketers…will purchase these individually or as a group in order to test drive them before recommending them as an affiliate).
  • You are not aware of an overwhelming learning curve that CANNOT be bypassed. You purchased your magical process and that is all you think you need….WHOA! If you were lucky enough to make a GOOD purchase…you still and always will have much to learn…never ending. If your purchase was a poor process, then you are building your Internet marketing business on a bad foundation, and you do not know it.
  • You are not aware of the time and effort that you will need to invest. You will need to spend time for your business and you MUST set aside time to learn and learn and learn.

Am I trying to depress you…NO. Why so negative, then? Your being aware of these facts will be of significant help.

HOW? How can all this negative stuff be of any help or value? Please bear with me.

If you are running a business and there is a problem…you fix it. With a new Internet marketing business and with many established Internet marketing businesses, there may be a number of problems…but…these problems are not fixed. Huh? How can you fix a problem…if…if you do not know that you have a problem…if you do not know what the problem is…if you know what the problem is, but are not aware of the solution. If you are fortunate enough to be able to identify the problem(s)…you are probably able to fix it or will soon find a solution. Knowledge is the key, and you can only acquire this knowledge through dedicated learning.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it…unfortunately, for most, it is broke and you don’t know it!

Enough negatives…let us look at some positives that might help.

Knowledge…be aware that you have much to learn and since the net is changing so fast, be aware that you will always need to be learning. Ugh, all this learning sounds like work. If you are allergic to work, well, you are probably too lazy to read this far, but if you have read this far …do us both a favor (email me …see author’s bio…when you find that one hour per day Internet marketing business plan that will create thousands or millions of dollars, overnight).

Do you really believe that you can get something for nothing? “You reap what you sow” is not just a saying, it is a
LAW OF NATURE. You can ignore that law…it is still the law. You can embrace that law, exploit that law, and make some money! The more you sow the more you reap! Think about this, please. The more you put in, the more you will receive. Yes…that means work, time, and effort…but you will be rewarded accordingly.

There are few opportunities other than Internet marketing that can offer so much (if you will do your part). I remember a supervisory position that I had, I ran 90%+ production and 2-3% reject rate…the other supervisors averaged 70% production (Uptime) and 12-15% reject rate. So what…who cares…bottom line was that after a few years I had gotten all the raises that I could (I made $5.00 per week less than my boss and could only advance if someone left or died). The “reap what you sow ” law had maxed out, but will never max out on the net! PS…how did I achieve such results…after about a year, I learned how to be in two places at once, which made things easier-grin.

I wish that I could say that if you learn all you can and work as hard as you can that you will be assured of Internet Marketing Business success. I can promise you this…do not learn and do not work and you can definitely be assured of failure! There are also other ingredients such as attitude and self esteem…see author’s bio.

I have put together websites full of resources and helpful information (see author’s bio), and the thread that runs through these websites, ebooks, reports etc., is…the necessity to learn and learn and work and work at your Internet Marketing Business.

There are laws of nature that apply to all businesses and the Internet is no different. There are many scammers that want you to believe that there is a secret magical formula which will make any Internet marketing business rich in no time and they have it…and you can download it for so many dollars. It has been our experience that over 90% of these offers are worthless, so be careful when making a purchase. This unfortunate fact has led us to the establishment of an Internet Marketing Business testing and review committee…membership is free but each member has their share of testing, evaluation and cost. What does this mean to you? Our ability to do more testing and find more products that are worthy not worthless! Our intention is that we do not recommend any product, service, software, download etc. that we would not use ourselves. By the way, “What goes around, comes around” is another one of those laws, and we choose to embrace it.

Most internet marketing business opportunities are designed to capitalize on “GREED”, “YOUR GREED”. Again, please be careful about your purchases.


Cost, of course, is important and wasting your money is no fun…but even more importantly, is the fact that you will get burned and burned and burned and sooner or later, quit. If 9 out of 10 opportunities are useless, then your chances of getting the help and direction that you need are only about 10%…not too good. With care and research (do not buy on impulse), your chances are much improved.

In conclusion: Your Internet Marketing Business will benefit more from wise and generous investment of your time and effort, rather than your money. When you do make a monetary investment for your Internet Marketing Business, please look before you leap…uh oh…another one of those laws?-smile.

I hope you have found value in this article. Please visit author’s Bio for information and help.

Thank you for reading and much success,

George Pierce

Founder of: The Place to be is Here

4 Main Steps Of An Affiliate Marketing Business

Affiliate Marketing Business is the fastest, simplest and most profitable online business compared to other types of Internet opportunities. Marketing the other´s products and services does not seem to be a complicated process, because you don´t have to worry about anything such as creating products, maintaining websites, managing services, taking orders, shipping products and so on. Your job is only to send potential customers to the merchant´s website. It seems too good to be true. Well, it is!

While affiliate marketing business is not that hard itself, you hardly see lots of affiliate marketers earning good money on the Internet. There are only 1% of affiliates that make considerable amount of income and the rest just fail again and again. But, why?!

The main reason is that most of affiliate marketers don´t have a good business plan. They need an action plan which not only teaches them how to work as an affiliate, but also reveals the needed tools and resources out there in order to boost their affiliate incomes. In fact, they don´t have enough knowledge about the whole process. Affiliate marketers need to know exactly which steps in which order they should take in this businesses in order to stand out from the other marketers and become a successful affiliate marketer.

4 Main Steps Of an Affiliate Marketing Business:

Basically, affiliate marketing business is a 4-step process. If you properly understand every single step and try to implement the techniques and strategies you have learnt, then you will be able to achieve great results in short and long-term periods. So, don’t ever underestimate or overlook these steps, just because you have heard about them before!

1. Researching the Market :

This is the first step and actually the most fundamental phase in your affiliate marketing business. Your job is to find the most profitable niche markets on the Internet. Niche markets are some specialized sections of a larger market that can be defined as sub-topics, keywords or keyphrases. These are the words that have been searched on the Internet a lot of times, and have the least competition out there; meaning that those keywords have high number of demands and low number of supplies. After finding those profitable keywords, you should look for a related and targeted affiliate program that you can match it to those niche markets. If you can find that affiliate program, your job will be done here in this step.

While there are tons of resources on the Internet offering you various research tools and softwares, I recommend you to get your hands on the reliable and paid tools. It may cost you some money, but you will be able to get a better picture of the market you are going to promote. Remember that you want to stand out from the other marketers!

2. Making Your Own Website :

Have you ever heard that your own web page is your own place on the Internet?! Well, that´s really true. The second most important step of your affiliate marketing business is to create your own web page. Whether it is a FREE website or not, you need to have a place where your audience could find you better, easier and faster. With a web page, you are able to get credit and professionalism. On your website, you can build trust and relationship with your prospects where you presell the products or services you are promoting by over delivering the needed information. In fact, that is the job of most successful affiliate marketers. They NEVER sell products or services. Rather, they presell.

Try to make your own website in this step. You might start building FREE web pages in the beginning, but once you earn huge incomes, go and build your own web page with your own dot com! Like I said before, it is about creating trust, credit and reliability.

3. Marketing your Website :

Only through this step, you are able to see the desired results. So far, you have researched the market, found the profitable niches and related products, created your own web pages with good content and information and put your affiliate links on your websites. Now, it is time to get visitors to your website and see the results. In fact, it is time to make huge commissions. If you have taken the previous steps properly, then this phase could not be too difficult for you. Whether you are going to promote your websites with FREE methods or not, you should select a single method and focus on that. Only through focusing and taking action, you will succeed.

There are literally thousands of methods and techniques for marketing your websites. The most powerful, popular and effective ways are search engine marketing, e-mail marketing, article marketing, forum marketing, social networks marketing and e-zine marketing. Try to choose and learn only one of them and do your best to improve your knowledge and efforts on that single method!

4. Tracking and Analyzing Your Marketing Efforts :

If you want better results and more profits, then you should not overlook this step. Only through tracking and analyzing your marketing efforts, you will be able to find out the best sources of income for your affiliate marketing business. You need to know which channels have been effective and made tons of sales for you. Then, you have to improve those channels which may lead more profits. Hopefully, there are lots of tools and resources offering reliable tracking and analyzing features. So, by selecting one of those powerful tools, you have taken the last step of your affiliate marketing business.

Believe it or not, most successful affiliate marketers take the above-mentioned steps into account of their businesses. That´s why they stand out from the others and make tremendous amount of money on the Internet. I don´t believe that it is not anymore possible to earn good income as an affiliate. I agree there are some competitive markets out there that you will hardly be able to make some money in, but there are still some untapped markets that you can uncover and dominate. And the good news is that it is limitless. Every day comes some hot and new niche markets waiting for you to discover them. So, there is still some hope. Just set your Affiliate Marketing Business Plan and you will succeed!

Home Business Niche Article Club and Your Online Marketing Business – A Product Review

The Home Business Niche Article Club, part of the Just Articles article writing service, has become an important addition to my online marketing business.

I don’t pay for a lot of advertising for my online marketing business, but if you’re going to pay, it may as well be for something that will drive traffic to your site, and help you make the money back that you do spend on advertising.

A major internet marketing method for any online marketing business that will do just that is writing and distributing articles to your blog, website, and across the internet to various ezine publishers and article directories.

The best way to drive traffic to your online marketing business, and to make money with articles is by writing totally unique, creative, original, and quality content that you can call your own. With the fears of being hit with the duplicate content penalty, original articles are definitely the best way to go.

For a while, I was doing just that on a consistent basis, writing one original article for my online marketing business every other day for months and months. This worked fantastically at generating new traffic quickly, but as we all know, we sometimes run into roadblocks along the way, and severe cases of writer’s block!

My articles started to dwindle quite a bit, and while I still write my own original articles as much as possible, I was happy to discover Dustin Cannon’s Home Business Niche Article Club.

This is a service comprised of professional article writers who will pump out 30 original articles for you each month, for a small monthly fee.

If you think it’s a lot of money every month, then just do the math and break it down. You are only paying pennies for each article, which gives you a quality, daily blog post every day of the month. This is like paying peanuts for amazing and effective advertising!

So the price is absolutely worth it…But how good are the articles, and won’t everyone be using the same articles for their online marketing business websites and blogs and be faced with the duplicate content penalty?

Absolutely not! The great thing about the Home Business Niche Article Club is that they will only allow 200 members in each club. When you consider that there are billions of sites on various niches on the internet, 200 members will not suffer from the duplicate content penalty.

The other great thing for online marketing business owners who use the Home Business Niche Article Club is that you can do what you want with each article you get. The most effective use of the 30 articles you get is to create your own unique titles containing your researched keywords and keyword phrases, and then also using the same keywords throughout the article.

This will ensure that the search engines will pick up your content and keywords on the web, especially if you also tags, and ping at least once per day! You can see how much traffic you could get just by becoming a member of the Home Business Niche Article Club and how this will boost your online marketing business sales!

I have been using this service in conjunction with my online marketing business for about a year now, and have a pretty good opinion on the quality of articles provided, and what it has done for my traffic and sales.

At first, my traffic shot up quite quickly, simply by posting one article per day to my blog using my own keywords and keyword phrases throughout. For several months, I was pretty happy.

Then suddenly my online marketing business traffic reached a plateau and leveled out, and then even decreased back the numbers I had been struggling with prior to joining this Home Business Niche Article Club.

I find the articles of good quality, no doubt, but at the same time, a lot of them sound very much the same, are very generalized topics, and contain a fair number of spelling and grammatical errors. This is not a bad thing, as it’s good to go through the entire article and make your own revisions anyway.

At the same time, I wish the 30 I got each month were not all sounding like the same article spun out in different ways, which this club is apparently not supposed to be doing. I feel my traffic has gone down again simply because these articles have the general appearance of being “spun out”, rewritten articles.

I am now craving my own original online marketing business content lately, or fresh content on very specific topics within my niche that does not sound like a re-write of something else written somewhere else on the internet. I want content published nowhere else except on my site or blog!

The Home Business Niche Article Club also has many other bonuses for members, which is great, but it’s mainly those 30 articles per month that we can make the best use of.

So while it is a great service, and provides fairly fresh content for your site, which saves you time in the end, I wouldn’t say it’s fantastic at generating new traffic once it reaches that plateau.

I would recommend it if you are an online marketing business owner, but please realize, like I have, that it’s very specific, original articles published nowhere else on the net that will be most effective in generating both traffic and sales for you.